Classes meet before and after school and run for nine months with optional summer classes and lessons.

Kinder-Keyboard (ages 5-8)
A two year program designed to provide children with early inter-related musical experiences in melody, harmony, and rhythm.

In this program, children work in groups of four once a week for one hour. In each lesson we explore melody and harmony, theory, transposition, technique, ensemble playing, ear-training, composition, and improvisation.

Weekly homework is assigned and students are taught to treat their work as a chance to play musical detectives, evoking creativity and curiosity in their preparations at home.

Parents are kept informed of progress and an open class every six weeks gives students the opportunity to share what they have learned.

Piano Study (ages 8 and up)
Traditional piano instruction based on the Robert Pace Piano Approach. This program builds strong and well-rounded musicians, strong problem solvers, and creative thinkers with excellent composing and improvising skills.

In this program, students build on their basic knowledge from Kinder-Keyboard while studying the formal concepts of sight reading, transposition, technique, theory, ensemble playing, and ear-training, as well as composition and improvisation.

As students become more advanced readers, we add classical repertoire to our curriculum, as well as various solos and duets. Two students work together as a dyad weekly. Each dyad lesson is followed by a group lesson of four children, two dyads studying together. Learning the piano becomes a social event and a chance for community, encouraging students to work hard in preparing for their lessons.

Because many students live nearby in Ballard and Sunset Hill, your fellow students are your neighbors, making collaboration and musical play real possibilities. Parents are invited to attend a recital every six weeks.

Private Lessons (any age) are geared towards students that prefer private instruction. Although most students enjoy studying together, there are instances where private study is more beneficial.

Adult Piano Study is available during the daytime hours or in the evening. I very much enjoy teaching adults whether they are beginners or have studied previously.