We are very happy, and impressed, with the level of music education that our son has received with Elizabeth, in addition to learning to play the piano.  The small group setting has allowed him to grow in a peer context that is natural and supportive.  Elizabeth is an exceptional and gifted educator.  She is direct yet nurturing, keeps the expectations high, and always treats the children with respect as musicians in training.
- David’s Mom 

My child says, "Elizabeth always greets me with a smile at the door and it makes me feel happy!  And, she makes piano fun."
- Patrick Age 11

What we love about the Leap into Music approach is the integrated focus on learning to play while building an understanding of music and music theory.  The students learn so much about how music works in a fun and supportive environment.  Along with playing 'set pieces,' my son has fun experimenting and making his own music.  Leap into Music will give him a lifelong appreciation of music, no matter what instrument he plays.  And Elizabeth makes learning to play the piano a great deal of fun.  My son always looks forward to his weekly lesson, and he and his other group members get to laugh and play and support each other every week. Elizabeth gives her students her undivided attention and focus and she thinks hard about what works well for kids - I appreciate that she asks her students to work hard, but never makes music or piano a chore.  It's a terrific program and I wish Elizabeth had been my teacher when I learned to play!
- Aidan’s Mom (Aidan Age 10)

She is not like any other teacher. She asks what you want to do and lets you choose what you want to do.  She is so nice and really fun!
- Grayson Age 8.5

We have a very active boy and Elizabeth gracefully and with respect keeps him engaged and challenged. We love Elizabeth's approach with the children and the unique way she teaches.  She really gets them.  She switches things up so that they are always engaged and interested.  We all feel completely supported whether through her parent classes, open classes or recitals.  She is always available and genuinely wants every child to love piano! The group lessons keep each child challenged. They want to do well not just for Elizabeth, but for their peers. Grayson absolutely loves Elizabeth.  He runs out the door at 7:30am.  He feels respected and heard.  He is so very happy when we pick him up! Elizabeth's love of music and children absolutely shines.  She is a true artist and a wonderful teacher.
- Grayson’s Mom and Dad

I know many of my friends have had several piano teachers over the years because it's hard to find one that just fits. But for the 10 years that I took lessons, I've only had one teacher and I couldn't have been happier with Elizabeth Jennings and the Leap into Music program. She is great with both children and adults, and her approach to learning music is both fun and innovative. Elizabeth is incredible at understanding what her students need and adjusts her lessons to maximize learning and enjoyment. Working with a group of students always encouraged me to practice at home and to do my best. Leap into Music helped me build strong friendships with the other students I got to work with and although I graduated from the program several years ago, I still keep in touch with Elizabeth and attend recitals. I've never met anyone who has regretted learning to play an instrument! I whole-heartedly endorse Elizabeth and her piano program.
- Clara Age 17

Instead of using the traditional approach of mastering select pieces of music, the Leap into Music program teaches the techniques that enable students to teach themselves how to play different pieces and to create a lifetime relationship with music.  From my 10 years with Elizabeth, I found the switch from traditional methods to the Pace program gave me the skills to continue enjoying piano to this day. Elizabeth emphasized creativity by encouraging us to compose our own pieces while teaching us techniques for a variety of music styles from classical to improvisation. Group lesson enabled us to learn from each other and gave us a once in a life time opportunity – to write and perform a four person piece on two pianos.  Elizabeth is a very talented musician and composer who shares her passion for music with all her students. If you want to make piano a part of your life, or your child’s life, I highly recommend Elizabeth Jennings’s Leap into Music program.
- Jennifer Age 20

What I appreciate about piano is indescribable. The best thing about piano is the teacher "ELIZABETH". She always comes to greet us with the most heartwarming smile and hug. She knows how to treat you with respect! Elizabeth is the most skilled teacher I have ever met. She can play whatever you put in front of her!
- Maxine Age 9